7 Signs That You Need To Replace Your Laptop Battery


7 Signs That You Need To Replace Your Laptop Battery

Should I replace my laptop or its battery?

Are you pondering over this question but can’t decide which way to go? Don’t worry; you are at the right place. In this blog, we’ll discuss signs that indicate when you need a laptop battery replacement. If you notice any of these signs, it might be time to get your laptop’s battery replaced.

So, how do you know if you need a new laptop battery? Let’s discuss!

When Do You Need A Laptop Battery Replacement?

Well, no matter how well you take care of your laptop, its battery doesn’t last forever. While some laptop batteries work fine for at least a few years, some start to weaken after a year or two due to wear and tear or other factors, like exposure to heat, lack of use, etc. Whatever the reason, if you keep track of your laptop’s battery health, you’ll probably know when it is time to change the battery.

Though battery death seems a sudden event, it doesn’t have to. Your device’s Windows will always warn you when the battery’s capacity is approaching zero; but, you can also keep an eye on it. To help you identify the issue fast, we have compiled seven telltale signs to look for when a malfunctioning battery is affecting your device’s performance.

Let’s get started!


Your Laptop Battery Dies Sooner

Generally, a laptop’s battery doesn’t die suddenly. It completes its charge cycles and deteriorates gradually. A new laptop battery offers the maximum runtime, which decreases slowly as you charge your laptop. As the number of charge cycles increases, the laptop’s runtime gets affected.

When your laptop’s runtime is drastically reduced, it is a sign that you need a new laptop battery. Look for professional laptop battery replacement services before the battery wears out completely.

More Charging Time, Less Runtime

Do you need to keep your laptop’s charger plugged in the whole day? Is your laptop taking more charging time than before? If yes, it indicates that the battery cells are weakened.

In that case, you should understand that your laptop’s battery health is declining. Check the battery status to get an idea of your battery’s deteriorating health. But the good thing is, your battery can still be usable even if it is near to its death. Take your laptop to professionals for quick diagnosis and battery replacement services.


Your Laptop Shuts Down Unexpectedly

If your laptop shuts down unexpectedly even if the battery is full, it is another red flag that indicates the battery’s poor health. Whether you have experienced a sudden shutdown for the first time or fifth, it is important to seek help from laptop repair professionals.

If you continue using the same battery, you will experience more frequent shutdowns. This means you have some time before the battery wears out completely. Thus, it is advised to get the laptop’s battery replaced quickly.

Your Laptop Gets Overheated

When a battery is about to die, it gets overheated quickly, especially when you charge it. There can be other reasons for overheating too; however, poor battery health is the most obvious cause. Whatever the case is, it makes sense to get your laptop’s battery replaced quickly. Furthermore, make sure to stop using the device and get it diagnosed first because the problem may worsen.


Your Laptop’s Age

A laptop’s battery lasts for 1-3 years depending on the usage and quality. The number of charge cycles is an important factor to consider as the age of your laptop’s battery depends on it. By keeping track of the number of times you charge your laptop a week, you can get an idea of when the battery will likely wear out. Does it seem confusing? Turn your device over to laptop repair service providers for a quick diagnosis.

Windows Warn You

Yes, this is true! Your laptop is designed in such a way that it will indicate that its battery needs a replacement. If you see any warning related to battery replacement or laptop shutdown, don’t ignore it. Such warnings may appear even if your battery is fully charged. Thus, hear what your device is saying.


Battery Report Indications

Operating systems, like Windows, provide a detailed battery report that lets you know battery health, usage, runtime, as well as its estimated life. Looking at the battery reports gives you an idea of the battery’s remaining life and when you need to look for laptop battery replacement services.

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7 Signs That You Need To Replace Your Laptop Battery

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