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Laptop Repair Services Delta

Have you got your laptop’s screen cracked? Does your laptop run slow or not run at all when you power it on? Do you keep the laptop plugged in with a charger, but the battery no longer holds charge? No matter the issue you have been facing with your laptop, Guru Computers can fix it! Our laptop repair experts have extensive knowledge and expertise in fixing all types of laptop hardware issues.

Laptop Repair Services Surrey

Guru Computers employs skilled technicians who can fix all laptop issues no matter generation or model. We have the tech skills and expertise to diagnose the issue and can fix your gadget quickly. We only use the best OEM components for replacing damaged laptop parts; so can have peace of mind. Explore the laptop repair services we offer in Delta:

Laptop Screen Replacement

Got your laptop’s screen broken? Or, spilled water on the laptop screen? Accidents happen! Just bring your device to Guru Computers, and say goodbye to your worries. We are laptop repair pros with experience fixing all laptop screen issues. We repair/replace the broken/cracked/damaged LCD/LED screen on your laptop of any brand, including Acer, Asus, Dell, etc.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Are laptop keys not responding? Just get in touch with Guru Computers laptop repair experts. We check your device carefully and provide you with an ideal solution to fix the issue. Whether the damaged part needs repair or replacement, you can count on our skills and experience. Call us now and describe the issue you are facing; we will bring your device back to life in no time.

Laptop DC Jack Repair

Is your laptop battery not charging properly? Do you hear scratching sounds coming from the DC jack? Or, does the DC jack get hot while charging? Well, a failing DC jack may lead to other issues in a laptop. It is time to look for a laptop professional. Visit Guru Computers to get your laptop’s DC jack repaired or replaced quickly before it is too late.

Laptop Hinge Repair

Does your laptop seem to be coming apart at the hinges? In most cases, it is the laptop’s top cover that is broken and needs replacement. But, you might not need to replace hinges, based on the severity of damage. Bring it by and let us have a look at it! Whether you need a hinge repair or replacement, we have got you covered. We stock OEM laptop parts to give you a quick turnaround.

Laptop Virus Removal Services

Is your laptop slower than usual? Does its browser redirect you to websites you are not interested in? Or, have you been getting too many popup ads on the screen? Perhaps, your laptop has been infected with a virus. Hand over your device to our trained professionals for quick virus removal and get back to operating your laptop normally again. Get in touch with us to know more!

Laptop SSD Upgrade

Does your laptop take too long or consume a lot of power? Do you hear murmuring sounds coming out from your laptop while working? Or, does it take too much time for installing new applications? It is time to consider an SSD upgrade. We provide same-day SSD upgrade services for your laptop to get your device back to the way it was when you purchased it. Give us a call to know more!

Other Laptop Repair Services
We Offer

  • Laptop battery replacement
  • Laptop Component Level Motherboard Repair
  • Laptop touchpad replacement
  • Laptop LCD Video Cable replacement
  • Laptop liquid damage repair
  • Laptop Component Level Motherboard repair


We are laptop repair experts who can handle all types of laptop anomalies and provide customers with a quick turnaround. We service laptops of different brands, including Asus, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, etc.
It depends on the laptop issue you are facing. However, most repairs or replacements are done within 2-3 business days or sooner! Advanced hardware repairs may take longer, depending on the extent of damage.
Well, in most cases, we can recover deleted data. Also, if you are in this predicament, we advise you to stop using your laptop immediately and bring it to us right away for the best chances of data recovery.
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