• Spilled water on your MacBook?

    Get a quick turnaround service for MacBook liquid damage.
  • Need logic board repair for laptops?

    Get a 90-day warranty on logic board repair services.
  • Got your laptop’s screen cracked or shattered?

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    Computer & MacBook Repair Surrey

    If you are looking for computer or MacBook repair services in Surrey, you have come to the right place. Guru Computers in Surrey provides you with reliable laptop or MacBook repair services.Whether you have got your MacBook screen broken, or you are struggling with other laptop anomalies, like hard drive failures, virus attacks, or water/liquid damage, just bring your laptop to us and we will put your struggle to rest.

    We understand that sudden crashes, technical faults, untimely glitches, or hardware failures not only damage the data on your device but also pause your work. We provide cost-effective, quick turnaround services to bring your device back to like-new condition in no time. We have the skills and expertise to fix any problem with your Apple or Windows computer. We use only strictly-tested, OEM replacement parts; this means, you would not have to compromise on quality with us.

    Tell us what went wrong with your laptop, and we will provide an affordable solution to fix the problem!


    Guru Computers make it easy to get your MacBook or laptops back to working exactly the way they should.

    MacBook Repair Delta

    Looking for MacBook repair services in Delta? Come to Guru Computers and get reliable solutions for all your Mac repair needs, no matter how small or big. We have experience with all the latest technology and can repair all versions of MacBook, providing you with peace of mind.


    MacBook Charging Port Repair/ Replacement

    Is your USB-C power adapter not charging your Mac laptop properly? Did you see sparks or discoloration of the adapter when you plug it into the outlet? Contact MacBook repair experts at Guru Computers to get these issues fixed and restore your device’s capabilities fast.


    MacBook Keyboard, Trackpad Repair/ Replacement Services

    Has your MacBook’s keyboard stopped working suddenly? Are your Mac’s trackpad or mouse no more responsive? At Guru Computers, we can fix keyboard/trackpad/mouse issues for all MacBook models, using the latest techniques & tools, providing you with quick and reliable services.


    MacBook Repair Surrey

    Broke your MacBook screen? Do not worry! Guru Computers in Surrey is here to help you restore your MacBook. We provide MacBook water damage repair, SSD upgrade, MacBook screen replacement, and keyboard replacement services in Surrey with a quick turnaround. So, you can get back to using your device in no time.


    MacBook Screen Replacement

    Got your MacBook’s screen broken? Is your MacBook’s display completely damaged and the device no longer turns on? Bring it to Guru Computers in Surrey for fast and reliable MacBook screen replacement services. We are experts at handling all types of MacBook screen anomalies.


    MacBook Battery Replacement

    Experiencing unexpected shutdowns or overheating issues in your MacBook? It might be time to replace your MacBook’s battery. Count on Guru Computers for quick and reliable MacBook repair services in Surrey. We use only genuine replacement parts to fix any MacBook issues.

    • 6 Common MacBook Repair Issues and How to Fix Them? Only a few things are more disappointing than a MacBook hiccup or anomaly disrupting the seamless functions or workflow. Things go south and frustration sets in, especially when you are doing something important on your MacBook, and the device starts showing signs like a flickering MacBook display, frequent shutdowns, or battery issues. But the good news is there are ways to fix these issues and get your MacBook back in good working condition. So, don’t throw your MacBook out the window. Read on our blog to know the six important

    • Laptop Battery Replacement: How to Know When it's Time to Replace Your Laptop’s Battery No matter how carefully you use your laptop, its battery will eventually die. Like any other electronic device, a laptop's batteries age over time. They have a limited lifespan that varies depending on multiple factors, like battery quality, usage patterns, or charging habits. Still, battery death seems sudden to many, but it doesn’t have to. So, how to know if your battery needs to be replaced? In this blog, we will tell you when to replace your laptop’s battery.When to Look For Laptop Battery Replacement?Your Operating

    • Why is my MacBook Running Slow? How to Speed it up? For Mac owners, only a few things are as annoying as their Macbooks running slow, applications taking forever to open, and they are left waiting for the Mac to respond. Is it just the internet that is slow or something else? Is it a sign that your MacBook has been attacked by a virus? Keep reading the blog to know.Why is my MacBook running slow?There is no easy answer to this question. It might be due to an outdated operating system or a full hard drive, especially if you

    • 6 Tips to Keep Your MacBook Battery Healthy Are you a MacBook owner looking for ways to keep your Mac’s battery in sound health? It is no secret that all rechargeable devices survive some battery issues and show signs of slowing down. While MacBooks are less prone to slowdowns, bugs, or other performance issues as compared to other laptops, it’s up to the users to keep their MacBooks in good shape. Of course, battery health declines with age, but you can still maintain your Mac’s battery health so that it can last for years to come. Here are six tips

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    • Spilled Water On Your Laptop? Here’s What You Should Do Now! Did you accidentally spilled water on your laptop? Don’t panic! You can still limit the damage and save your device. But, the first thing you should do immediately after you have spilled water or any other liquid on your laptop is ‘’NOT’’ to place the laptop in a bed of rice. Instead, unplug the power to the laptop and shut it down. What else can you do to minimize the damage if you splash or spill water on the laptop? Let’s go through the process step by step. Turn

    • Signs That You Need Laptop Screen Repair Services Is your laptop screen cracked, smashed, or broken? These are some of the obvious signs that you need to look for laptop screen repair services. However, there are situations that can leave you confused about whether the issue stems from the laptop screen itself or some other cause. This uncertainty can make it difficult to decide whether to opt for laptop screen repair or replacement. At Guru Computers, we’re here to assist you with quick, reliable, and affordable laptop repair services for all major and minor issues, including cracked or damaged screens. Our

    • Is Your Laptop Working Slowly? Here Is What To Do! Have you been giving yourself a headache wondering, “why is my laptop performing so slow?” Well, there are a few things more frustrating than sluggish laptops that can interrupt your workflow and hamper productivity. Don’t worry. Here, we’ll break down some common causes and fixes that could get your laptop back to speed. Let’s start! Why Is Your Laptop So Slow? A laptop’s poor performance could be due to the following reasons- The Laptop Has Got A Virus Whenever a laptop starts behaving out of the ordinary, we assume that

    • Laptop Keyboard Not Working? Here Is What To Do! You’ve been tapping away on your keyboard hoping to see text on the screen, but all you’ve encountered are random letters. Or, the keyboard on your laptop is not working at all. Sounds frustrating, right? A computer is useless without a working keyboard. This is even more annoying with laptops, as you can’t simply swap or replace the keyboard like a computer. Don’t worry! If your laptop keyboard has stopped working, here are a few tricks to get your device back on track.Reboot Your Laptop Giving a system reboot a try

    • Why Should You Get Your MacBook Repaired By A Pro? When it comes to tackling MacBook issues, people often take the DIY route or look for some low-priced options. Though some issues can be resolved with easy DIY tips, sometimes it leads to greater issues, especially when you are inexperienced. Thus, it is wise to leave this work best to the pros. In this blog, we’ll discuss important reasons why you should always get your MacBook repaired by professionals. Get Your Device Repaired Completely MacBook repair professionals diagnose the issue thoroughly and provide you with the right solution to fix

    How Much Will MacBook Repair Cost?

    Well, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

    The cost of repairing a MacBook depends on many things, like the generation and variation of the MacBook, the type of damage, as well as the extent of damage the device has survived. With Guru Computers, you can get your MacBook repaired in a fast and cost-effective way.

    We test the device thoroughly to find out the degree of damage and provide you with a repair quote. Not sure whether to repair or replace your Mac or laptop? We can help! By conducting a thorough diagnosis, we tell you whether MacBook repair or MacBook replacement is the best option for you.


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