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MacBook Screen Replacement Surrey

Apple MacBook Screen

Cracked MacBook screen? Guru Computers provide the best MacBook screen replacement service in Surrey , BC. We repair all generations of MacBooks.

Apple MacBook Screen Replacement Surrey

The most common repair for Apple MacBook is LCD screen replacement. These are high-quality screens, however, are susceptible to accidental damages. Accidental drops may cause vertical lines on the screen or it can go completely blank.

At Guru Computers we have high-quality OEM screens and display assemblies in stock, and we can restore your device to its original state within a short time frame. You can rely on Guru Computers to offer competitive pricing on OEM parts that are most suitable for your device.

We Can Help With The Following Repairs:

  • Screen replacement for Lines in Apple MacBook Retina display.
  • Screen replacement for a cracked screen on Apple Macbook.
  • Dim LCD screen due to liquid damage.

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