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Let’s face it. Everyone needs a dependable computer to complete their assignments, reports, presentations and in many cases, their school work. A fast and steady computer makes your life so easy. However, if you have a slow-running computer or a laptop, the regular task takes way longer to complete and results in inefficiency.

No one likes to use a slow laptop and delays in meeting their deadlines. Many times these slow performances are a result of a traditional hard drive that is mechanical and doesn’t have a long life. After just 1-2 years, the computer runs very slow making it difficult to complete your job. Often customers will just go buy a new laptop and it’s the same slowness after some time.

flash storage and ssds

SSDs, like USB sticks and smartphones, are typically made with flash (also known as NAND storage). The type and configuration of flash storage are determined by the use case.

Flash-based SSDs are becoming more prevalent in current PCs, despite being far more expensive than mechanical hard disc equivalents for a long time. On a little memory card or USB stick, this isn’t as important. When it comes to 512GB of storage, though, the disparity becomes much larger.

Flash-SSDs is still the more expensive alternative, but costs have now stabilized to the point where they are not absolutely beyond reach for the average customer looking for a new laptop (or wanting a laptop SSD upgrade ). Simultaneously, SSD lifespan has improved, while it still falls short of hard discs for archival reasons.

Why to Choose Guru Computers Delta for Macbook & Laptop SSD Repair?

At Guru Computers, we revive your slow laptops and computers with a Solid State Drive. These are new technology drives that are chip-enabled and result in high-speed computing. These are 10 times faster than standard mechanical drives. For a fraction of the cost of a new laptop, you can opt for an SSD upgrade and enjoy your laptop for many years. The fast drives come in a range of sizes like 250 GB, 500 GB, and 1 TB.

We have upgraded SSDs on hundreds of machines till date and did our part to reduce the e-waste. In many cases, we are able to clone your data onto the new drive and provide you with a lossless experience. Check some of our google reviews where our customers are raving about the day and night difference in computing speed after an SSD upgrade. For more information on SSD upgrades, call us at 604-256-2193

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Call +1 (604) 256-2193
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