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laptop screen repair in surrey

The most common repair in a laptop is the screen replacement. Accidents happen and screens crack leaving your laptop in an unusable state.

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We have a huge inventory of OEM high definition screens to quickly bring your laptop to its original form. Most common 14” – 15” screen replacement costs around $125 – $145.

Don’t risk missing the deadline and get your Laptop back in action by getting a quick screen replacement at Guru Computers in Surrey. A usual screen replacement takes around 45 mins and you will be able to use your laptop again in no time.

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  • When the screen is broken
  • The laptop screen has blue or black lines
  • Shattered Laptop Screen
  • Liquid Damage

Why Should You Choose Guru Computers For Laptop Screen Services?

  • Quality laptop screen repair service
  • Certified technicians
  • Low cost than the competitors
  • Emergency services provided
  • Trustworthy support and service
  • Support for all kinds of buy modafinil online amazon

Our Other Computer Repair Services In Surrey, British Columbia:

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GET DIRECTIONS fOR Laptop Screen Repair In Surrey

Do you have any queries about your Computer Repair?
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