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Computer Power Supply Replacement

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Computer Power Supply

Looking for computer power supply repair in Delta and Surrey? Guru Computers can help you with that. A power supply unit is the backbone of a computer. It supplies specific voltage to various components of a computer or a laptop. If a power supply malfunctions, you may have a non-working computer. Many times, a failing power supply is the only reason for a dead/non-working computer. Fortunately, these are easy to repair or replace.

Computer Power Supply Repair in Delta and Surrey

At Guru Computers , we repair almost any type of computer, laptops, iMacs , and MacBooks. We are located on 86th Avenue, Scott Rd in Delta. Guru Computers also provide same day repair services for common issues. If your laptop is having a power supply unit problem, then visit Guru Computers for quick repair service.

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Guru Computers specializes in repair with liquid damage, low-performance PCs, Screen repairs, DC power jack replacement, recovery of data, OS installations, virus and malware removals, and upgrading configurations. We also provide 90 days warranty on all services.

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