Apple MacBook Keyboard Replacement Delta

Looking for Apple MacBook Keyboard Replacement service in Delta, Canada? We here at Guru Computers, repair all kind of MacBook and satisfy our customers.

Best Apple MacBook keyboard Replacement in Delta

At Guru Computers, we replace a lot of keyboards where customers have accidentally spilled a drink on their MacBook keyboard while working on it. liquid spills can cause a lot of damage if it penetrates to the MacBook logic board. The device continues to work for a while and eventually, it becomes unusable.

Accidental spillage must be cleaned properly. Besides water damage, our little ones can sometimes decide to play with the laptop and rip some keys apart. Those tiny keys are very hard to put back and would require a complete keyboard replacement. Not to worry, we have you covered for that.

We have a huge inventory of OEM keyboards for most models of Apple MacBook and we offer same day service. Most keyboard replacements cost less than $200 except a few higher-end models which require a battery to be taken apart. For an exact quote, please bring the device to the store or call one of our experts with a model no and a serial no of the device.

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