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MacBook Logicboard Repair In Delta

Macbook Logic Board Repair Surrey

Looking for Apple MacBook Logicboard Repair in Delta, BC? At Guru Computers, we repair Apple MacBooks of all generations.

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Apple Macs are powerful machines in a metallic chassis. They handle a lot of processing and it is made possible by a state-of-the-art logic board. It takes proper handling and maintenance for the logic board to perform at its peak. Accidental drops, liquid spills and overheating are common issues with these machines. This is where we offer our experience and expertise. We can help with the following repairs:

  • Macbook or iMac not turning ON.
  • Macbook not charging.
  • Apple MacBook Keyboard not responding.

At Guru Computers, we have professional tools required to deal with such situations. The Apple MacBook or iMac logic board is assessed for damage under a microscope. The values of various components are then measured, and bad components are replaced with the new ones to ensure your Apple MacBook or iMac is working as nothing has happened. This service comes with a 90 days warranty.

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