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MacBook Liquid Damage Repair In Delta

Apple Macbook Liquid Damage

Spilled a coffee on your laptop? Guru Computers provide the best MacBook Liquid Damage Repair in Delta , BC. We at Guru Computers, repair MacBooks of all generation.

Best Apple Macbook Liquid Damage Repair In Delta

The worst kind of damage to any computer is a liquid spill. If you have spilled liquid and have been told it is unfixable or it costs too much money, we got your covered. Don’t use a hair dryer or dump it in a box full of rice to dry it out. Liquid damage should be dealt with immediately to improve the chances of restoring your device.

Whatever you do, do not turn it ON. Applying power may cause irreversible damage to the logic board . There are a lot of integrated circuits, capacitors, and coils regulating the power to different components on a logic board. Each component requires a different range of voltage to operate ranging from 1.5 volts to 20+ volts. This is where we offer our experience and expertise and we specialize in liquid damage repairs.

We Can Help With The Following Repairs:

  • Apple MacBook not turning ON due to liquid damage.
  • MacBook fan spinning at high speed after liquid damage.
  • Apple MacBook is not charging after liquid damage.

At Guru Computers, we have professional tools required to deal with liquid damage. This service is backed by a 90 days warranty.

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