Ammy Deol

I can see why they have good reviews. I brought my old Apple Macbook Pro 13" with failing to boot issue. Apple told me this cannot be fixed and pitched in a $1600 Macbook Retina. My friend referred me to Guru Computers and I found them to be very honest people willing to help me and save money. Not only they upgraded my Macbook with a fast storage drive, I am able to use the same machine and it only costed me $250. Seriously...go see these guys. You'll be glad you did. I couldn't remember the gentleman's name that I dealt with but he is the big and tall guy. Thank you for your good work.

David MacDuff

Excellent. Consistently pleased by prompt, effective service and fair prices. Highly recommend these true gurus.


I run a security business where I am constantly updating schedules. Last weekend, my MacBook choked out on me. It would have cost me a lot of grief if I was not able to get my MacBook repaired. Guru Computers came to my rescue. Not only they replaced the hard drive and restored my data, they enabled me to complete payroll for 35 employees on time. Thank you for your expertise and affordable service.

Ann Anderson

They went the extra mile to help me with my broken laptop! Im so greatful for there excellent customer service! And thankful for there kindness.

Christina Manke

Highly recommend for both price and service. They replaced my MSI gaming laptop screen and fixed the fan, as well as replace an iPad and an iPhone screen. They also put screen protectors on 2 iPhones and my iPad. I bought a couple of cases, one for the iPhone and one for the iPad. They were friendly, professional, and completed the work in a very timely manner. I’ll be going back soon to replace the screen on another broken iPad we have. If you have kids that love to break your computers/tablets/phones, you’ll love their price & quick work.

Suki D

Had problems with two laptops the guys at the shop fixed for such a great deal but most of all were honest thank you for the amazing service will highly recommend to anyone with computer issues to come here first.

Bonnie Gerber

Went the extra mile for us to make sure our Mac Book Pro repair was completed on a strict timeline. Was very fair with pricing. Will use again...if needed.

Sakshi Gogia

Sukh went an extra mile to help me! Great people and great services. Charges are reasonable

Cindy Letain

Very happy with the price and fast service. My laptop was hacked and they totally wiped out everything, reinstalled new program and through in Norton Security for under a hundred bucks. Well done, guys!! Thanks

Pardeep Sahota

Friendly, quick and informative. I thought my laptop was dead and I'd be purchasing a new one. The techs at Guru Computers fixed the problem with my laptop, advised that I replace the battery and saved me thousands of dollars. My MacBook is working better than it ever has, and I went back to get the battery replaced as they advised. Affordable, quick and easy to work with. Would definitely recommend them.

Edgrrr Weepawz

Friday afternoon at 4pm my computer laptop keyboard was attacked and eaten by my squirrel. Yup...you heard me right. He didn't actually EAT the keys, just "popped" them all off and onto the floor and all over the dining room table. He's a lovely little fellow who comes and goes as he pleases, but today...let's just say I wish he had just eaten peanuts! In a panic I googled "repair MacBook Air keyboard" and I found Guru Computers. Not only COULD they repair my computer (I was dreading the thought of even considering placing a call to the Apple Store because of the cost and the time frame it would take) but most importantly, they had the keyboard replacement part AND they could do it for me TODAY! My husband is a gold miner in the Yukon and he calls me on my computer every night. IF I couldn't have this fixed until next week I know he would have worried. The guys at Guru Computers understood this and made my repair a priority, their price was fair, I had my computer to them by 4:30 and it was READY within 2 HOURS! They were kind, courteous and so easy to deal with. If you need ANY help I would have given them TEN stars if it were possible. Go see these guys! They were AMAZING

Mizan Rahman

I have fixed my Mac book Air by Sukh earlier this year and it is working better than ever. Recently, I had to fix my Lenovo lap top because my little daughter drop it from dinning table, and it is working great. I strongly recommend Guru Computers and their services.

Harj Sangha

Desktop had a memory leak. It was time to get SSD anyways to improve speed. Guru Computers put in an SSD, setup Windows 10 and restored my data very quickly. They followed up with a tip to further improve performance after I had picked it up. Boosted my boot speeds even further. Reasonable price, great service!

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