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Dell Laptop Repair

Dell doesn’t need any introduction as it is well-accepted PC manufacturing brand in North America and offers an impressive lineup of Inspiron laptops, XPS gaming laptops and Latitude series for the home and small business segment. At Guru Computers, we repair all versions of Dell laptops/computers here.

Buy modafinil online south africa, Buy modafinil brisbane

We deal with the screen replacement, component level board repair, SSD upgrades, component level board repair. Most of the repair services are offered the same day and backed with 90 days of warranty. 

Buy modafinil online south africa, Buy modafinil brisbane

Let’s face it. Laptop screen does crack but, we have you covered. If you have a cracked screen, bring your laptop to Guru Computers in DELTA. For quick and affordable LCD screen replacement, we stock OEM screens. Our certified technicians can assess the damage and replace the LCD screen to restore Dell laptop to its original condition. The service is backed by 90 days no hassle warranty.

Dell Hard Drive Upgrade – SSD Upgrade

A lot of laptops are being sold with a traditional 1 TB hard drive. The problem with these mechanical hard drives is the sluggish performance over a few years. The mechanical parts inside the drive fail eventually due to malfunction and your all your data is at stake. In the Dell Hard Drive upgrade, we replace the old HDD (Hard Disk Drive) with a new SSD (buy modafinil online amazon) that improves the speed and performance. This service is also backed by 90 days no hassle warranty. At a minor cost, we can transfer data from the old drive if it is still recoverable.

Dell Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Broken or missing keys on your laptop keyboard? It can be possible that the keys may be exposed to liquid damage. You may require a full keyboard replacement. We provide quick assessment and quote in our store conveniently located on Scot Rd and 86th Avenue in Delta, British Columbia. The service has backed by 90 days no hassle warranty.

Dell Laptop RAM Upgrade

Do you feel that your Dell laptop is slow and performs sluggishly when you are using multiple applications? You can be able to see a huge difference in terms of performance with RAM upgrade. At Guru Computers, we have memory in stock, and we can offer quick service for RAM upgrade. The price of the service can vary brand to brand. Please bring in your device for a quick assessment and a quote.

Dell Laptop No Power

If your Dell laptop has a damaged charging port or is not charging the battery.  It may require a new charging port or a new battery. We can replace the DC port on the spot within 2 hours. Bring your Dell laptop to Guru Computers on Scott road and 86th Ave in DELTA for a quick assessment and a quote. We have a lot of charging port modules in stock and we also carry most common OEM batteries used in your buy modafinil online south africa. This service has backed by a 90-days no hassle warranty. If your Dell laptop has a damaged charging port or is not charging the battery.  It may require a new charging port or a new battery.

Dell PC Liquid Damage Repair

Laptop not powering ON after a liquid spillage? It is advised to get it treated as quickly as possible. Liquid and electronic components don’t like each other and any attempt to power it ON will result in irreparable damage to the electronic components on the motherboard. At Guru Computers in DELTA, we carry Industry-standard equipment to fully clean your Dell laptop and ensure that it is working as normal. In an unfortunate event where the laptop is not repairable, we always help you recover your data.

Our Other Computer Repair Services

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