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Asus laptop repair delta surrey

ASUS has built a solid reputation among leading laptop and desktop brands. Asus offers an affordable and durable line of VivoBook and the premium line ASUS ZenBook.

Order modafinil europe, Can you buy modafinil in canada

At Guru Computers, we offer repairs like Asus laptop screen replacement, motherboard level repair, dc jack replacement and Hard Drive upgrades to a Solid-State Drive. Most of these services are offered the same day and are backed by a 90 days warranty.

ASUS Laptop Screen Repair – ASUS Repair Delta

The high-resolution screen on these laptops are susceptible to cracks and shatters in case of an accidental drop. At Guru Computers, we stock the OEM screens for a quick and affordable LCD screen replacement. Our trained technicians can assess the damage and replace the screen to restore your Asus VivoBook or Asus Zen book to its original condition. Once the screen has replaced, it will work just like you got it new. This service has backed by 90-days no hassle warranty.

ASUS Laptop Hard drive upgrade

A common problem with mid-range laptops is the sluggish performance due to traditional hard drives wearing out. Those spindles and heads cause slowness of the disks and eventually, the hard drive fails due to malfunction. At Guru Computers we can replace the traditional hard drive with a Solid-State Drive which not only improves the speed by 10 times but, also improves battery performance. These services are backed by a 90-days no hassle warranty.

ASUS Laptop RAM Upgrade

Is your computer/laptop slow when you load multiple applications at the same time? If it is taking forever to load applications that is possibly due to lack of memory. We highly recommend a memory upgrade for the computer to perform at an optimum level. At Guru Computers, we have memory in stock, and we can offer on the spot upgrade. The price varies with the brand and the amount of RAM you need to upgrade. Please bring in your device for a quick assessment and a quote.

ASUS Keyboard Replacement Delta

If you have non-working keys on your keyboard or you have a liquid spillage on your keyboard, you may require a keyboard replacement. Bring it in at our store on Scott road and Delta for a quick assessment and a quote. We are fully equipped to replace the keyboard on your Asus VivoBook and Asus ZenBook. This service has backed by a 90-days no hassle warranty.

ASUS No Power Repair Delta

Your Asus VivoBook or Asus ZenBook may not power ON or charge the battery due to a failing battery or a bad charging port. Worry not as we can help you fix that. Simply bring your Asus laptop at our store on Scott road and Delta for a quick assessment and a quote. We have charging port modules in stock and we also carry most common OEM batteries used in your Asus VivoBook and Asus ZenBook. This service has backed by a 90-days no hassle warranty.

ASUS Liquid Damage Repair

If your Asus laptop has exposed to liquid, please get it to repair as quickly as possible. Liquid residue can cause a lot of damage to the electronic components on the motherboard. You may be tempted to turn it ON and use it but, that may result in irreparable damage to your Asus laptop. At Guru Computers, we carry Industry-standard equipment to fully clean your Asus laptop and ensure that it is working as normal. In an unfortunate event where the laptop is not repairable, we always help you recover your data.

Order modafinil europe, Can you buy modafinil in canada

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